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Cables for centralized power supply

For the centralized power supply you need a 4-wire round cable. Two wires are used for the digital seismic data transfer and two are used for the power supply. Each cable is equipped with a 4-pin male and female connector.

Power Line Cable

The Power Line Cable will be used to connect your Remote Units to the Central Unit (Laptop). We offer you individual cable length depending on your geophone spacing. With the special connector technology you can connect all cables. Which is an exellent solution for variable cable extensions.

Terminator Cable

The Terminator Cable (1 meter) is needed for line termination at the end of each Line Segment (a series of Power Line Cables, max. length 330 meter). A Line Segment must be terminated on both cable ends. To terminate the start of a Line Segment you must use the Power-Terminator Cable. For detailed configuration instructions please have a look at our SUMMIT II Plus construction guide.

Power-Terminator Cable

The Power-Terminator Cable combines line termination and power supply. This y-cable has got a normal SUMMIT connector on one end. On the other one we fix universal battery connectors or connectors of your choice. Thus you can easily connect and use any commercial battery. For more information about line termination and using SUMMIT cables, please refer to our SUMMIT II Plus construction guide.